Bottarga and Sardine Linguine

<p>A delicious Mediterranean feast! The symphony of seafood flavor pairs so well with those of the garden; the olives, the tomatoes, garlic and fresh cut parsley. So easy to prepare, it's ready in under 15 minutes, and will make everyone you serve think you are a master chef. Perfect as a small appetizer, or with bigger portions a meal in itself.</p>
<p>1 LB Linguine</p>
<p>1 Shallot</p>
<p>2 Cans Spanish Sardines</p>
<p>4 or 5 Roma Tomatoes 4 or 5 Cloves Garlic</p>
<p>1 Bunch Flat Leaf Italian Parsley</p>
<p>2/3 C Kalamata Olives</p>
<p>1/2 Bottle Pinot Grigio Wine</p>
<p>2 TBSP Red Pepper Flakes</p>
<p>1 TSP Coarse Ground Black Pepper</p>
<p>3 TBSP Bottarga Borealis, ground</p>
<p>Olive oil</p>


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