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We owe the Italians a lot, we really do. But above all else, we owe them immensely for introducing us to pasta. 

Hearty, comforting, and exquisite in flavour, you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned pasta dish. With a variety of flavours and an endless way of exploring them, pasta is the sort of dish that you could eat forever. This rings especially true when you upgrade to a gourmet pasta for a true and authentic taste that will completely enhance your cooking experience. 

At Duke’s Gourmet, we have a wide selection of gourmet pastas for you to choose from and we love them all. Not only do they all taste divine but they’re extremely affordable - not to mention unique, healthy and made right in the heart of Sorento, Italy. What’s not to love?    

All of our gourmet pasta products are incredibly tasty but, perhaps even more importantly, are extremely good for you. No matter what exact product you choose, they’re all 100% made from the highest quality Italian durum wheat semolina. On top of this, they’re entirely free from genetically modified ingredients meaning what you taste is entirely authentic and natural. And as if they couldn’t get even better, they’re also all vegan friendly. Read on to find out about the specific ingredients and nutritional benefits below. 

Di Martino pasta

Let us introduce you to our beloved pasta partner, Di Martino! Each pasta product we stock is made by Di Martino, a brand we know, love, and are proud to support and advertise. This family owned brand has worked tirelessly since 1912 to produce authentic and tasty pasta made in the heart of Italy. As a brand, they have produced three generations of pasta enthusiasts who are passionate about supplying the world with fresh, gourmet goodies that are food for the soul and the belly! 

Di Martino pasta is exclusively made in Gragnano, Italy, on the beautiful Sorento coast. However, you might know the place a little bit better by its other name, the one and only ‘City of Pasta’! Set against the backdrop of the luscious Lattari Mountains and famed for its mild climate and refreshing sea breeze, this archaic city has exquisite conditions for producing slow dried pasta. Which we suppose explains why it tastes so darn good!

Now you know a bit more about our partner and how our pasta is produced, let’s take a further look at some of the options available to you. Get ready to connect with your inner chef and get that creative mindset flowing! 

Top Quality Gourmet Pasta From Italy at Dukes Gourmet

We stock a wide range of different pastas - here are our most popular products. 

Spaghetti Pasta: Our classic spaghetti pasta is an excellent ingredient to have tucked away in the back of your cupboard for when you want to whip up a quick but tasty meal. Perfect for those saucier dishes, we recommended using our spaghetti with something filling and historic such as a good old fashioned bolognese or a carbonara. You can’t go wrong with a classic! 

Conchiglioni Rigati Pasta: For something more unique, shop our delicious conchiglioni rigati. Famed for its iconic ‘seashell’ appearance, this fun little pasta is perfect for something saucy too - especially those meat sauces we all know and love. Traditionally, conchiglioni was stuffed with meats, vegetables and cheese so why not put your own twist on it and get creative? 

Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta: A favourite in southern Italian cities such as Sicily, mezzo rigatoni is a smaller and more charming version of your classic rigatoni. This hearty, tube shaped pasta is a great choice for pasta bakes as it is perfect for those creamier sauces, especially those with tomato. Our personal recommendation though? A sausage and courgette bake never goes amiss! For any veggies among us, skip out the sausage - it’s still delicious.

Pennoni Pasta: Keep it old school with your penne pasta, perfect for any pasta dish you might crave. Like spaghetti, this is a great option to have in the back of your cupboard because it’s so diverse. Cut in sharp diagonals at each end, this delicious pasta style is great for bringing out some of the softer flavours and aromas because it really soaks them up. 

Pappardelle Pasta: This broad and flat pasta has a beautiful ribbon shape and is less traditional than tagliatelle. It also favours a much wider width making it perfect for those heartier dishes. Perfect for something wholesomely ample such as ragu, this pasta is an all time favourite of Duke’s Gourmet

These are just a few of our delicious and authentic pasta options for you to choose from! Other classics include our tagliatelle, our fusilli lunghi, and more. Take a look for yourself! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a veteran pasta lover or you’re just starting your gourmet collection, here are our most frequently asked questions and our best tips and tricks!

Q) How healthy is our pasta?

A) Gourmet pasta in general is an extremely healthy option to something you might usually consider a ‘cheat’ food. In fact, they are a surprisingly low-calorie meal. High in fiber and other nutritional goodies, our gourmet pasta is made even healthier by the fact that it is vegan friendly and GMO-free. With a minimum of 14% protein, our pastas are high in digestibility and are made of natural, traditional ingredients that you’ll quickly come to love. Nutritional values of Italian pasta: 75.6g of carb, 1.4g of fat, 13g protein, and 365 gross calories. Please check your packet for this information.

Q) How should you store your gourmet pasta?

A) Like most pasta, our gourmet pasta should be stored in a cool and dry place. For extra longevity, store in an airtight container rather than the packet it is shipped in. Following the first-in, first-out rule will also ensure your pasta is always delicious. If stored correctly, gourmet pasta can last for up to a year - not that we expect you to have gone that long without eating it!

Q) Is Duke’s Gourmet fibre pasta vegan?

A) All of our pastas are vegan friendly and are made out of Durum Semolina, wheat gluten, and modified wheat starch.

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