Eurocaviar - Shikran - Anchovies Caviar Pearls 3.52 oz [100 g]

Product image 1Shikran Smoked Salmon
Product image 2Eurocaviar - Shikran - Anchovies Caviar Pearls 3.52 oz [100 g]
Product image 3caviar
Product image 4Eurocaviar - Shikran - Anchovies Caviar Pearls 3.52 oz [100 g]

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  • An “improved” anchovy taste with less salt and less calories. A fun way to add flavour to your dishes.
  • Our product is elaborated from the freshly caught anchovy adding salt that we use to prepare our fumet.
  • High quality anchovy from artisan fishing zone FAO 27VIIIc, that is, Cantabrian Sea
  • Each sphere is elaborated from the fumet made by us, whose 100 g jar contains at least 2500 spheres (its performance and versatility in cooking is therefore unmatched). It presents all the richness and nutritional purity, including Omega3 and many vitamins, even being an essential ingredient in healthy diets and it contains a protein contribution comparable to egg or meat with the benefits of being a blue fish.
  • The first product into spheres commercialized in Spain in 1984.

EUROCAVIAR is a company specialized in the manufacturing of high quality food spherifications. Made with different kinds of fish (mullet roes, herring, salmon), our products presents great and differentiating advantages. Not only do they posses a pleasant texture and flavor but also withstand high temperatures without losing its consistency, color or taste while being cooked.

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