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Caviar has been consumed as a delicacy for many years. While their mention is found in the records of Aristotle in the 4th century, they were brought to the limelight by Russian czars and were made a symbol of ultimate luxury. But do you know the difference between caviar, roe, and seaweed pearls? The Salmon Caviar, roe, and seaweed pearls are used as ingredients in various dishes, and are similar in taste.

There is not a lot of difference between caviar and roe. Roe is a general term used to describe the eggs extracted from female marine animals. They can be extracted from the ovaries or when released from the ovaries.

Caviar is a specific type of roe that is extracted from the Sturgeon fish. It belongs to the Acipenseridae family of fishes. Both roe and caviar are unfertilized eggs. You can easily buy caviars and roes at an online store.

The seaweed pearls, on the other hand, are the vegan substitute for roe and caviar. It is not extracted from fishes but is a plant-based product made from gelatin or agar-agar and seaweed or seagrass. The caviar is more expensive than roe and seaweed pearls. You can buy seaweed pearls online, and are often consumed as gourmet food products.

Salmon Caviar
Often eaten as a garnish or a spread, Caviar is processed from the salted fish roe belonging to the Acipenseridae family. Caviar pearls are salt-cured and unfertilized eggs. They belong to sturgeon fishes that are ancient, have smooth skin, and paddle nose. There are 27 species of sturgeon fish. The fish can be extracted from the Caspian Sea, Iran, Russia, and Kazakhstan. They are smaller than the seaweed pearls. Black pearl salmon caviar can be eaten as a spread or used as a garnish.

They are expensive because there is a scarcity of sturgeon fishes and the female fish requires many years to mature and produce eggs. Some of the common types of caviar are Beluga, White Sturgeon, Amur Sturgeon, Sterlet, Hackleback, Kaluga, and many others. It can be bought at the gourmet store online. They cannot be eaten by vegetarians and vegans.

Roe refers to the eggs of all marine animals. Caviar is a specific type of roe. Caviar remains a roe until it is cured in salt. Roe is ripe and fertilized eggs. They can be found in the ovaries or maybe outside the ovaries. They are large, bright orange, and look like beads. They are also a delicacy and are eaten as a spread, or a pickle.

There are various cheap varieties of roe available in the market. One of them is smoked cod roe. They are used to make sushi. It can be orange or pale yellow in color. Some common roes used are Salmon, Trout roe, Bowfish, Tobiko, Capelin roe, and many others. They cannot be eaten by vegetarians and vegans.

Seaweed Pearls
Seaweed pearls are vegan caviars. They are considered a plant-based alternative to caviar or roe. They are bouncier than caviar or roe. Seaweed pearls are made from seaweed or seagrapes. Seaweed pearls are made from gelatin or agar-agar. They are salty in taste and feel just like sea water. It is a dish on its own but can be used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes. It can be used as an alternative in sushi, pasta topping, appetizers, and other dishes. They are usually black or orange in color. It is very affordable and can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans.

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