Fish Tacos With Bottarga

Originating in Baja California, Mexico, fish tacos have become widely popular all over the United States, and with good reason: they taste great! Baja California is known as a prime fishing destination, so fresh fish is the order of the day. The two bottargas made beautiful culinary music with the cod. The Brazilian Bottarga Gold (grated) had a delicious yet sharp flavor which was balanced out by the buttery richness of the French bottarga (sliced) both of which were mediated by the pan fried cod. When you make fish tacos, do not forget the bottarga to make them extra special. As a last note, one can use any white flaky fish for these tacos. 

Bottarga and Sardine Linguine

<p>A delicious Mediterranean feast! The symphony of seafood flavor pairs so well with those of the garden; the olives, the tomatoes, garlic and fresh cut parsley. So easy to prepare, it's ready in under 15 minutes, and will make everyone you serve think you are a master chef. Perfect as a small appetizer, or with bigger portions a meal in itself.</p><p>1 LB Linguine</p><p>1 Shallot</p><p>2 Cans Spanish Sardines</p><p>4 or 5 Roma Tomatoes 4 or 5 Cloves Garlic</p><p>1 Bunch Flat Leaf Italian Parsley</p><p>2/3 C Kalamata Olives</p><p>1/2 Bottle Pinot Grigio Wine</p><p>2 TBSP Red Pepper Flakes</p><p>1 TSP Coarse Ground Black Pepper</p><p>3 TBSP Bottarga Borealis, ground</p><p>Olive oil</p><p>&nbsp;</p>    

Tomato & Bottarga Sandwich

A heavenly sandwich in all respects! The bottarga pairs with the tomatoes and oil cured olives perfectly; deliciousness for sure.

Roasted Green Beans With Bottarga

Roasted Green Beans With Bottarga
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