What is Bottarga?

Quick Guide To What Bottarga is

Bottarga is one of the rarest delicacies on earth. So rare, you might not have heard of it before, well, now you do. This is because the salted and cured fish roe was all but unheard-of outside Italy until recently, but is now becoming fast famous worldwide. It is a favorite for people who like salty, savory, cured seafood and is widely regarded as the "poor man's caviar."

What is Bottarga?

Bottarga also known as the Mediterranean caviar, Bottarga can be called the truffles of the sea. Like fungus, it can be grated over dishes to give you grated Bottarga.

It originated from ancient Arabic fishers who were reluctant to waste any part of their catch. To conserve their catch's delicious and precious eggs, they used the most common form of preservatives available—Salt. Because of its laborious and time-consuming process, Bottarga fast became a unique and refined product that was difficult to find until as recently as 1950.

Bottarga can be gotten from several fish species, from the grey mullet and tuna to swordfish. In Italy, Bottarga is usually made with tuna roe, which produces a variety that has a more pungent taste than grey mullet roe. However, it requires a longer processing time of up to thirty days

Bottarga is a form of dried fish roe sacs, usually mullet roe—roe means eggs. Unlike the Bottarga caviar, which uses individual fish eggs, Bottarga is made from the sacs of roe found in the abdominal cavities of the female mullets.

Once the sacs have been removed from the mullets, care to prevent the sacs from rupturing. They are tied off with twine and then left to cure for a few weeks by encasing them in sea salts. How long they stay in the sea salt depends on the climate and the producer's preference. The salt draws out the moisture, and then the sacs are pressed to squeeze out additional liquids.  Then the aging phase begins. They are left to dry for months in a carefully humidity-controlled drying room called the aging room. For the sacs to attain a uniform drying process, they need to be turned periodically. They mature within months, depending on the size of the sacs. On the occasion that the sacs rupture during extraction, the roe can be used to make ground bottarga

What is left is a dense, leathery consistency that can be as hard as cheese when it is dried for a long time( they are sometimes coated in beeswax or paraffin to keep them soft). It can be grated as cheese and is called grated Bottarga. The color of the Bottarga depends on the age of the roe at the time the mullet was caught, from a golden orange color to deep ruby red.

Roy grey mullet is used to make the most refined and expensive Bottarga. It has a golden, amber color and is often called 'Sardinia's gold.' It is usually made in September with an intense and elegant flavor, and it leaves behind a pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

How is Bottarga eaten?

It is best to eat Bottarga raw. You can also use it to top cooked preparations, almost like garnished flakey sea salt or served on crostinis, salads, or sandwiches. When intensely flavored, a little bottarga can go a long way. So grated Bottarga can be sprinkled with lemon juice to cut the saltiness. Also, bottarga powder can be served over pasta, risotto, vegetables like asparagus and artichoke.

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What Does Bottarga Taste Like?

Bottarga has a salty, briny, umami flavor, like the sea without being overly fishy. Bottarga is best used as a condiment. A tiny amount of mullet roe bottarga, grated over a microplate grater, is enough to transform a dish of pasta, rice, pizza, or even eggs. Mullet Bottarga is often called the gold of the sea, and its salt-cured flavor is similar to the prosciutto or country ham.

Bottarga Food: Where Can You Buy It?

The internet is overrun with many Italian grocery stores, other specialty food stores, and other online merchants claiming to have Bottarga for sale. Bottarga is quite a delicacy, and only a few online stores can be trusted to deliver the exquisite taste you need in your Bottarga kosher. Duke's gourmet is the best place to buy Bottarga online. They have a variety of Bottarga delicacy options. They include: 

  • Bottarga Esmeralda Caviar of the Mediterranean This particular delicacy is made from the most delicate wild catch mullet roe. The wild mullet roe—which is widely regarded as the best roe for Bottarga production—used in this dish is carefully handpicked. This Bottarga is made using standardized production techniques that correctly balance the salting and drying processes to deliver higher moisture and lower sodium in the final product. 

It is made of dried grey mullet roe, weighs about 3.5 oz in a package, and is Esmeralda Brand. 

  • Bottarga Gold The wild-caught dried mullet roe This is made from dried grey mullet roe, the best roe for Bottarga production. It is Bottarga Kosher which is made from bottarga Gold in Brazil. It weighs about 2.4-3.17 oz in a package approximately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How long is bottarga food for?

A) Bottarga is sensitive to ultraviolet light. So, it should be stored in a dry and dark place for as long as it has not been opened. It is best used within 15 months after being bought, but it will still be fine for two to three years. Once it has been opened, Bottarga has about one year of shelf life.

Q) What type of food is Bottarga?

A) Bottarga, also known as "the poor man's caviar," is a delicacy made from fish eggs that have been preserved in salt. This preservation method has been done for centuries and is popular in the Mediterranean and Asia. Bottarga is very popular throughout the world as a rare, tasty, and nutritious dish.

Q) Should Bottarga be refrigerated?

A) Since Bottarga is a cured product, it can last several months when kept in the dark, dry. A single piece of Bottarga, when grated, can stay four servings, so if there are any leftovers, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate. that will keep it for months.

Q) Health benefits of eating bottarga food products

A) Bottarga has all the nutrients of fish. It is a superfood packed with zinc, omega-3, protein, calcium, vitamins A and D. More so, Bottarga is fast gaining fame as a true cancer fighter. For men, omega-3 in Bottarga can reduce inflammation, improve mood and brain function, and improve heart health and stamina.

Q) Different forms in which Bottarga is sold

A) Bottarga can be sold in three forms. The original gated form. The smoked flavors are sold in jars and the traditional beeswax packaging.

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