What Is Bottarga, And How Is It Made?

Bottarga is a salt-cured fish roe derived mainly from the egg pouches of grey mullet and tuna fish. Bottarga is a kind of fish that originated in Italy and is now widespread in other Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Greece, and Turkey.

In addition to traditional mullet roe and blue-fin tuna roe, trout, and swordfish Bottarga have become increasingly popular. The method for producing all types of Bottarga is the same. It is done by gently removing the Roe Sacks and properly washing it under cold running water to remove excess blood. After that, acceptable grained salt is rubbed into it using the hands. You must be careful not to harm the membrane while being forceful enough to eliminate any air pockets. Places for drying salt should be eliminated before pressing fish roe. Bottarga takes a few weeks to dry completely and be ready to use, depending on the process. After curing, it loses roughly 40% of its initial weight.


Bottarga Type And Their Flavors

Grey Mullet Bottarga (Grey Mullet Roe)
Bottarga is traditionally prepared from the roe of grey mullet (bottarga di mugine). In the region of the peninsula Sinis in Sardinia, the world's most famous grey mullet bottarga is produced (Italy). In particular, the Cabras lagoon and pond. This is where the right temperature and pure water combine to provide the most optimal environment for grey mullets and fish roe production. Bottarga from Cabras is one of the world's most costly yet highest-quality dried mullet roes. It's known as "Sardinia's Gold" because of its high price and lovely amber to golden tint. September is the best month for mullet bottarga production. It occurs when the fish has achieved its ideal size and nutritional value. After that, it will take another three months or more to taste dried mullet roe.

Tuna Bottarga (Bluefin Tuna Roe)
However, because Sardinia is known for its tuna fishery, you'll find plenty of blue-fin tuna bottarga (bottarga di Tonno). You may have heard of tuna fish from Carloforte, where most tuna farms are located. Sicily is another well-known destination for tuna bottarga. Favignana, Trapani, and San Vito Lo Capo are the most popular destinations. The best time to catch tuna and make tuna bottarga is from June to September. Tuna fish roe is deeper brown on the exterior and dark, nearly crimson on the inside, contrasted with mullet fish roe. Bottarga takes a little longer to prepare because it must go through a more thorough salt-purification process to remove all the blood. As a result, it's saltier and has a more powerful natural flavor. That's why it's critical to strike a good balance in the recipes.


What do I do with it?
The majority of bottarga pasta dishes are straightforward: dry spaghetti is boiled until al dente, then mixed with olive oil that has been infused with garlic and perhaps hot pepper flakes and heated until golden brown. A few spoonfuls of a basic tomato sauce or rapidly cooked cherry tomatoes (fresh or tinned) are sometimes added. After the spaghetti strands have been coated, a piece of Bottarga is held over the boiling pasta and grated or sliced like Parmesan. We've included a link to our San Marzano tomato-based recipe.

But don't add any cheese! It's a delight to savor the mix of sea-salty flavor and a smidgeon of spice. Bottarga's delicate flavor would be overwhelmed by any cheese. When grated, a single piece of Bottarga generally serves four people, so if there's any leftover, wrap it tightly and store it in the refrigerator or freezer for months. Fish Bottarga may also be grated over scrambled eggs, added to risotto, slow cooked cannellini beans, or tossed into a Caesar salad.


The nutritional advantages of the Bottarga fish roe
Bottarga is not only delicious, but it is also healthful and nutritious. Let's see what we can do! The distinct flavor of fish roe, from which we make the delectable and savory Bottarga dish, is gaining popularity. Aside from the Bottarga's well-known flavor, it's a distinctive and healthy dish compared to its small quantity. Although consuming significant amounts of fish roe at once is not customary, its nutritional content is relatively high. That's not unexpected, given that we're talking about roe, and we must remember that roe is a primitive kind of fish that needs a lot of resources to thrive.


So, what does the Bottarga contain?
In general, we're talking about roe from Mediterranean fish (such as mullet) and roe from the seas (such as the tuna, which is a modern version of the Bottarga). The nutritional value of fish roe is excellent in two areas: vitamins and protein. Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin E, Vitamin E2, and other essential vitamins found in minute amounts in fish roe are among the vitamins found inside the fish rose from which Bottarga is made. The protein content of fish roe is another dietary benefit. The benefit of fish roe is that you may get a lot of protein in a bit of time.

The benefit of the fish roe is that in a small quantity-you can consume a fair amount of protein. In fact, in the dispersion of the caloric value of the fish roes, you can see that the protein represents not less than 57% of the overall value! Beyond that, for every 100 grams of fish roes, you can find more than 22 grams of a different protein. Therefore, it is recommended for athletes and people who need protein to consume a certain amount of Bottarga fish roe to strengthen their muscles and develop their bodies. Fish roe is a fantastic source of this. More than that, they have a delectable flavor and are filling. Appetizers made from fish roe are delicious. Fish roe may be eaten as a side dish to the main dinner, and it is also suggested to eat fish roe after a strenuous workout.

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