5 Standout Delicious Dipping Seafood Sauces And Topping

Seafood Dipping Sauces can be used as condiments for seafood platters, various meat and vegetable toppings, marinades, or mixed with mayonnaise for Seafood Tartar Sauce. Seafood Toppings are prepared by steaming or poaching the seafood, then seasoned with spices and herbs before being pureed into a sauce that is suitable to serve as toppings on Seafood, Seafood salads, or Seafood dishes. 

Do you love seafood? Most of us do, so it's no surprise that dipping sauces are a great way to enhance the experience of eating seafood. Serve with lobster, crab, shrimp, or any other dish featuring seafood, these 5 sauce recipes are not only easy to make but they're also downright delicious!

Even if you don't enjoy seafood, you might want to give these sauces a try. I guarantee they will change your mind about seafood!

  1. Anchovy Dipping Sauce
    To add a savory, umami flavor to meals that aren't quite as briny as it is spicy, try adding a touch of anchovy paste. It can be used to enhance stews, soups, and braises or to perk up tomato sauce or a meat rub. I enjoy incorporating the ingredients into Caesar salad dressings. 

Canned anchovies are processed into a paste-like consistency to make a Western and French-style anchovy sauce. It's then liquidized with vinegar (typically red or white wine vinegar), which lends it a more fluid texture and improved flavor with garlic, cloves, thyme, and pepper. Other spices may also be used. 

Feel like something different? Give anchovy dipping sauce recipe a shot. This unusual sauce requires only 4 ingredients and tastes great with almost any seafood dish. Anchovies are rich in calcium, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. The Mayo Clinic recommends eating anchovies to lower your risk of heart disease, prevent memory loss, and improve brain function.

  1. Shrimp Cocktail Sauce
    This simple recipe of seafood toppings only requires two ingredients, so it's quick and easy to whip up whenever you've got company. Seafood expert, Duke's Gourmet recommends serving cocktail sauce with shrimp, lobster, crab, or any other type of seafood. Seafood cocktail sauce calls for a base of chili sauce, which is also known as sweet chili sauce or sweet Thai chili sauce. Stir together ketchup and chili sauce in a small bowl to form the Seafood Toppings.

Got leftover seafood? Use a seafood boil dipping sauce recipe and you'll have a tasty snack or appetizer in seconds. Pair with shrimp, crawfish, and crab for an afternoon snack or serve at a party for guests to enjoy. Seafood boils are perfect for cooking crawfish, lobster, shrimp, and crab.

Seafood boil dipping sauce is the perfect way to use up the liquid created when cooking seafood. Seafood experts recommend serving this sauce with mussels, clams, lobster, crab, or shrimp.

Seafood boil dipping Sauce Ingredients: Seafood leftovers from Seafood Boil 2 teaspoons olive oil 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes 1/2 teaspoon Seafood Spice Seafood Boil Seafood Spice: 1 tablespoon chili powder 2 tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoon Seafood Salt (add more or less to taste) Seafood Salt: Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.

  1. Poseidon Squid Cuttlefish Ink Sauce
    This Seafood-inspired sauce is a great way to add color and flavor to any dish. Use it with grilled shrimp, fried calamari rings, seafood salad, or steak. The rich black squid ink pairs well with mild fish such as halibut and sea bass while the flavorful ginger enhances the taste of tuna or salmon. In Greece, this sauce is served with fried potatoes and the combination is delectable!

The majority of squid ink on the market is cuttlefish ink, from the larger species of squid. (The inks of many cephalopod members are interchangeable since they all produce glutamate.) Squid ink has a high glutamate content, infusing whatever it touches with umami. You can purchase Poseidon Squid Cuttlefish Ink from Duke's Gourmet online.

  1. Sea Urchin Roe Pulp and Tartar sauce
    This dipping sauce features the soft, creamy texture of sea urchin roe mixed with soy sauce which results in an Asian-inspired Seafood Dipping Sauce. Seafood dipping sauce is a delicious appetizer or snack and can be created in minutes. Seafood Roes come from several types of marine animals but mostly urchins and squid.

Tartar sauce is another dipping sauce that can be served with almost any type of seafood. This creamy sauce is usually made with mayonnaise, chopped pickles, lemon juice, and spices. Seafood expert Duke's Gourmet recommends serving tartar sauce with fish or shrimp.

  1. Bottarga Borealis Grated Norwegian Seafood
    Bottarga Borealis Grated Seafood is a delicacy from Scandinavia, which in appearance resembles a grayish-yellow beehive. The taste of this typically savory product closely resembles that of an over-ripe Camembert cheese, with a slight hint of iodine. Seafood sauce will make any dish into delectable seafood morsels. Seafood roe is delicious on crackers and bread. It can also serve as a seafood dip for seafood sources like shrimp and crab.

If you're not in the mood to make a dipping sauce, try topping your seafood with one of the seafood toppings from seafood expert Duke's Gourmet. You can use the toppings with salmon, halibut, shrimp, or any other seafood dish.  

Seafood sauces are divided into categories to serve as toppings on seafood sources, seafood salads, or seafood dishes. Duke's Gourmet seafood has different Seafood sauces available on their seafood toppings section. The site also has different seafood sauce flavors available on their seafood sauce section for you to choose from. The company is your one-stop shop for seafood Sauces and Seafood Toppings. You can get seafood roes, seafood dipping sauce, boil dipping sauce, and many more. Visit the site today for mouth-watering dish sauces. Seafood sauces that are made by Duke's Gourmet seafood are the best on the market today. 

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