Bottarga Suggestions

Many of us eat Bottarga in 3 common ways which is perfectly fine which are; slices over toast with butter, slice or grate over pizza and pasta, but think again Bottarga is a finish topping which means that you add it on cooked hot food as garnish, or ingredient or topping on cold food like salads.

Bottarga is a superfood which has a great benefits on health and it decreases anixity and helps the immunity system, and highly rich in Omega 3 and increases aphrodisiac.

Imagine the grate tasting food that you like when you twist its flavor and add Bottarga, or imagine normal foods transfer to a great value tasty meal.

So there are 100s of suggestions to add on, so weather you like to eat at home or at a resturant, weather you like to cook or grab some food on your way back home make sure that you have whole or grated Bottarga for the following suggestion:

Bottarga 101 toppings:

  1. Pizza margarita 
  2. Pizza seafood 
  3. Risotto seafood 
  4. Squid ink risotto 
  5. Oysters 
  6. Mussels 
  7. Cheesy mussels 
  8. Clams
  9. Sushi 
  10. Bloody Mary
  11. Martini
  12. Baba ganoush
  13. Hummus 
  14. Hummus with olive oil and walnuts
  15. Roasted red peppers hummus 
  16. Roasted red peppers hummus With sun dried tomato and walnuts
  17. Bouratta salad
  18. Capris salad
  19. Philadelphia cheese sandwich With garlic and dill
  20. Philadelphia cheese sandwich With garlic and shives 
  21. Bagels and cheese 
  22. Asparagus salad
  23. Arugula and halumi cheese salad
  24. Arugula and halumi cheese salad and octopus 
  25. Octopus and mashed potato with garlic butter and truffles 
  26. Brie and bottarga sandwich 
  27. Grilled cheese sandwich 
  28. Lobster rolls 
  29. Fried shrimp with lemon and tahini 
  30. Surf and turf 
  31. Squid and shrimp béchamel tajin
  32. Seafood lasagna 
  33. Seafood pasta with béchamel in oven 
  34. Cannelloni
  35. Ravioli 
  36. Mosakka 
  37. Crackers with cream cheese 
  38. Grilled haloumi salad with arugula and pomegranate 
  39. Spring onions and olive oil and garlic and sun dried tomatoes 
  40. Shrimp and bottarga rice paper rolled 
  41. Green salad and bottarga 
  42. Tuna salad and bottarga 
  43. Crab meat salad and bottarga 
  44. Snapper fillet with garlic butter sauce 
  45. Wagyu beef and bottarga 
  46. Wagyu burger racclette cheese and bottarga 
  47. Cod fillet and bottarga 
  48. Scrambled eggs 
  49. Omelette 
  50. Omelette with gouda cheese and bottarga 
  51. Omelette with camembert cheese and bottarga 
  52. Lobster omelette with bottarga 
  53. Shakshuka with bottarga 
  54. Portobello mushrooms filled with mixed seafood and 
  55. Shrimp tacos with bottarga 
  56. Steamed rice with vegetables and eggs and bottarga 
  57. Quiche spinach and cream bottarga 
  58. Goulash cheese
  59. Greek salad
  60. Seafood fajitas 
  61. Calamari fajitas 
  62. Eel tamboura
  63. Scallops 
  64. Gnocchi 
  65. Kuskus
  66. Brown lints and shrimp 
  67. Curry and shrimp 
  68. Paella 
  69. Zucchini noodles and prawns 
  70. Toast cream cheese and pouched eggs
  71. Parmesan wheel pasta and bottarga 
  72. Artichoke and bottarga 
  73. Pizza smoked salmon and caviar and cream cheese and bottarga 
  74. Snapper carpaccio with bottarga 
  75. Fois Gras cashews and bottarga 
  76. Cream fraish and caviar and bottarga on Bellini
  77. On cracker 
  78. Boiled eggs and bottarga 
  79. Boiled eggs cream cheese and bottarga 
  80. Lobsters Mac and cheese 
  81. Mac and cheese 
  82. Backed cod with garlic and butter and lemon 
  83. Greek style seafood salad 
  84. Baguette butter onion and lemon with bottarga sandwich 
  85. Baguette butter onion and lemon with bottarga sandwich and boiled eggs 
  86. Mini shish bottarga 
  87. Bottarga and smoked herring fillet on sticks 
  88. Baked potatoes with butter and garlic and cream fraish
  89. Shrimp taco salad
  90. Fried calamari and melted raclett and bottarga 
  91. Chili shrimp and vegetable 
  92. Shrimp butterfly (butter sauce)
  93. Lobster butter sauce 
  94. Lobster bisque 
  95. Clam chowder 
  96. Seafood cream soup 
  97. Snapper fillet with capers 
  98. Calamari greek salad
  99. Mixed grilled seafood sandwich 
  100. Mixed fried seafood sandwich 
  101. Pasta butter sauce and sea urchin 
  102. Shrimp ratatouille with Boursin cheese
  103. Spanish seafood tortilla
  104. Moroccan seafood bastilla 
  105. Bruschetta bottarga
  106. Glass noodles and seafood 
  107. Torta salata
  108. Bottarga and mexican salsa


Will be sharing with you recipes the coming days.

Till then Enjoy...



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