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Bottarga is one of the hidden gems that very few know about or know how to use it. It has been always choice for the royalty as one of the common stories that it was Cleopatras favorite food and probably she was the link between south Mediterranean and north and how it spread. Uses of Bottarga are unlimited and varies from a person to another, if you are simple and morning person then few Bottarga slices on toast with butter will be very nice, if you want a little more from life you can add whatever you want from boiled eggs, arugula, baby rocket, sprouts, onions, whatever you please. It can go well with your lunch or dinner and the options are seriously unlimited. One of the healthiest appetizers ever just few slices and sprinkle of olive oil and voila. Bottarga been always companion for long nights and drinks. All our bottarga selection has been wisely selected and each one has a different taste and experience.

Why do we love Sardegna !!

Sardinia the home of traditional Bottarga

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100s of suggestions to use Bottarga
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