Why do we love Sardegna !!

When we mention Italian food we must mention Sardegna (Sardinia), that little Island in the middle of the Mediterranean south west of the Italian Coast.

Well lets start talking about the Sardinians; they are very friendly nice people who love everybody and willing to help.

Sardinians have their own foods and ingredients, and some of the ingredients must be from the Island otherwise the recipe might not be authentic.

When you go to Sardinia don't put high expectations concerning shopping although there are some nice department stores so you still can do some shopping, but remember that the restaurants and the food on that Island are very unique.

The Sardinian kitchen has very wide spectrum of ingredients, some of the most popular are the Bottarga, Sea Urchin, Squid Ink and clams.

Sardinian recipes are simple flavorful and depends on the quality of the ingredient and each recipe embraces its main ingredient.

So how Sardinians eat Bottarga ? Elder people of Sardinia they just slice it and eat it, some eat like like a banana and they finish the whole thing, some just slice it over a bedding of arugula and carrot slices with olive oil, also common recipes: pasta with clams and grated Bottarga, zucchini and cream cheese with grated Bottarga and Sushi Bottarga.

Even though when you go to Sardinia you have to dig deep to find good quality Bottarga.

We are very proud to sell the best Bottarga from Sardinia such as Bottarga Stefano Rocca, Poseidon and Esmeralda Bottarga.

And remember for a good food eat Like a Sardinian.


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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